Stagehands & Technicians Part-Time / On-Call Pool

On-call stagehands & technicians work on the stage crew for events at the Performing Arts Center. The work schedule is highly variable and dependent on the facility schedule. Job assignments are based on facility needs, personnel skills, and availability.

Working with professional touring shows and local groups, PAC stagehands and technicians set up, operate and maintain sound, lighting, and video systems for a wide variety of events on the main stage and other venues within the PAC. The job includes equipment maintenance, sweeping/cleaning work, chair-and-table setup and general building upkeep.

This is an on-call position including daytime, night and weekend work, as well as lifting and climbing. This is NOT a steady job with regular, assigned hours. All work is based on usage of the PAC and the artists’ technical requirements. Previous experience in at least one technical theater field and/or audio/visual is preferred. Training on our in-house equipment is provided.

Contact Wes McKee at for further details.